Monday, April 23, 2012

A Woman of Valor...

There is a beautiful quote from the Bible --- it goes " A woman of valor is worth more than rubies...She is robed in strength and dignity and graciously faces anything that may come her way."

Heart shaped white seaglass (Florida) with five real rubies and a Swarovski crystal
and a Freshwater pearl, 14K gold filled wire and plated necklace
Isn't that the perfect sentiment for Mother's Day, which is soon upon us.  I have been creating a woman of valor line with seaglass and rubies.  Of course, I have my own earrings and pendant, that I love to wear, but I will post a new pendant (that is for sale) for you to see.  I use real rubies that come from India!  There are other designs from this line in several of the gift shops or galleries that carry Lucky Sea Glass, and you can contact them directly.  Info is on my website about the shops.

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