Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sea Glass Beach

Sometimes it is so hard to find a single piece of well tumbled, opaque, gem quality sea glass, but in Bermuda, there is a Glass Beach that makes it almost too easy.  The hardest part actually was finding it!  Please enjoy this picture.   I am having fun creating beautiful designs with my Bermuda finds!


  1. Oh the Island Life! I'm living on an Island and em so lucky to have found said same a gem quality sea glass beach here on Prince Edward Island. Come the summer months visitors come from all around looking for that piece of sea glass and seems it is getting harder to find these days. Glad to find you luckyseaglass come check out our seaglass see you soon!

  2. Thanks for commenting here. Your island sounds great = we will have to make a trip up there! I love your name, scrapandwrap!


  3. Thanks for sharing. I actually am a Bermudian and I still have a difficult time finding the Bermuda Sea Glass Beach! It moves in the night I believe as one time I can find it and another I cannot. Such a fun adventure.

    1. There actually are two on Bermuda that I found. One is near St.George, where the old fort is, and one is on the other end of the island. Check out my website for more info, as I can't remember it right now. The tourist office is a little secretive about where it is!


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