Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Care for Sea Glass Jewelry

Caring for your sea glass jewelry is really simple. Like with all jewelry, care must be taken not to drop seaglass. Also, try not to have soap, perfume, and other substances damage the seaglass. A mild liquid detergent cleans the glass if necessary. Sometimes, I use a tiny bit of baby oil on a soft cloth to polish up the glass (don't use too much or the glass will lose its opacity).

As silver often tarnishes, it is suggested you store your silver wrapped seaglass jewelry in a ziplock plastic bag. This will retard the tarnishing. A polishing cloth can clean the silver if needed. I wouldn't use silver polish unless it is a liquid cleaner.

Gold filled jewelry will have a lovely golden finish for many years, as the gold is bonded to the metal. However, please do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on it.

The gemstones in my Lucky Sea Glass designs also should be treated carefully. Pearls, particularly, should not be worn in the shower or be in contact with soaps or perfumes.

That's it. Pretty simple. For more info about sea glass, please visit my website at

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