Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Find Sea Glass

I'm not sure I wrote about How to Find Sea Glass yet, so here goes.   It is really pretty simple, but yet challenging to do, unless you go to one of the famous "glass beaches",  on Kauai in Hawaii or in California, at Fort Bragg.  At those "beaches", which really used to be dumps for glass, you will have no trouble finding lots of sea glass.  Unfortunately, many people have already been there before you!

But, there are plenty of other beaches in the world where you have a chance.  Look at the list I made up on this blog and also on my website for some of them.

How to find sea glass?   Often well tumbled glass is close to the shoreline, even in the water.  As the waves recede, you can reach in and grab a piece, if you see one.  I find that sea glass gets caught among rocks, jetties, other debris -- so that often is a good place to look while you are walking the beach.  Also, where there may be a stream or river coming into the ocean, sea glass may accumulate.  Most of the time, I simply walk along the shoreline, looking down!  Greens are probably  the easiest to find, since they do stand out, but not every beach has greens.  You will be fooled by plastic, shells, and wood, too. 

Last Fall, in Hawaii, some big rocks were swept onto the beach, and all around them you could find sea glass, if you were patient and persistent.  One man was scooping up armfuls of  the sand, looking for the sea glass.  Someone said that the tsunami in Japan brought debris to Hawaii, and she is looking for some treasure chest of gold!  I was just happy to find some nice, gem quality sea glass.

So you see, there is no real magic to looking for sea glass.  It is just a matter of being alert, patient,
and persistent.  Good luck to you!  Please let me know how you do, too.

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