Saturday, April 14, 2012

Golf and Sea Glass (Part II)

I am definitely going to add golf to my list of favorite things, along with traveling, creating jewelry with sea glass, and of course, beachcombing for sea glass!  Yesterday was a beautiful day, and my golf league had its usual nine hole, par 3 outing.

 But, there was a surprise for me -- one of the women had beachcombed sea glass along the shores of Lake Erie near Buffalo, NY, and she brought it for me.  There was a beautiful turquoise piece that I will create a custom piece for her.  Also, there was a lovely cornflower blue piece, and a number of whites and greens.  How thoughtful of her!  She had bought one of my golf necklaces last year, but I certainly didn't expect her to go out and look for sea glass for me! 

Sterling silver golf clubs, pearl, and sea glass

Sterling silver golf bag and sea glass

Sterling silver tennis racket and pearl with sea glass
Please check out my website for golf and tennis necklaces.  I always wear my golf necklace when golfing!

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