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How to Wire Wrap Seaglass

Wire Wrapping A Simple Seaglass Pendant

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Wire wrapping seaglass is kind of like painting a picture. It is not hard to do, but artistic ability can make all the difference. Here's a few simple steps to wire wrapping for you to try with your seaglass finds.

First, you will need wire. I suggest you practice with 20 gauge copper wire since it is easy to bend and not expensive like silver or gold. You will need a wire cutter, needle nose pliers, and patience.

Next, you need your  genuine, beachcombed seaglass. Please don’t waste your time with fake or man-made so-called “seaglass”!

Take the wire and cut about two feet of wire. This will give you plenty to work with.  When you use more expensive wire, you will be able to figure out exactly how much wire you’ll need.  Put the seaglass on top of the wire which is vertical.  The front side of the seaglass is down on the wire.  Now, bring the bottom wire up halfway against the seaglass and the top wire down halfway against the seaglass so they meet. Twist them together once.

Then have each wire go in opposite directions to the sides of the seaglass. Turn the piece over and twist the wires once more in the back. Then bring one end up and around the seaglass to the top. Bring the other end to the back and  sort of thread it through the wires in the back and bring it up to meet the first wire on top.  Wrap one around the other twice.

With a needle nose plier, wrap the two top wires to form a loop and then wrap the ends around the base of the loop a few times. I have added an embellishment just by making a spiral with one of the wire tails.  The other one I brought to the back of the piece, and secured, so that the wires don’t move.

 Finish by putting a crimp in the wire wrap, front and back, so that the wire stays tight to the seaglass.  This isn't fancy, but you can use your imagination to create something unique!  You may notice I made the spiral smaller after looking at the working piece.  Creating means editing, too.

I have many different wire wrap techniques that over time I have invented. So don't be afraid to experiment. But,remember, almost anyone can paint on canvas, but very few can create art. Good luck to you!

Finished Pendant by Lucky Sea Glass

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