Monday, December 29, 2014

My Sea Glass Painting

I added actual sea glass pieces I beachcombed to this painting I did a while ago. Also, I added a little starfish I had. When I posted it on Facebook it got about 300 likes so I am sharing it here. just wondering whether any of you would be interested in a shirt or magnet with this image?  O.K. so I ordered a few postcard size magnets with this image.  I will let you know when they come in.  If you are interested, they would be about $7 each. Please let me know, as I ordered a limited number.  
Sea Glass Hunting
copyright 2014. all rights reserved.  Jean Forman

Friday, December 12, 2014

More Sea Glass in Hawaii

Went to two " beaches" in Maui recently. Really rocky shores. And found some beauties. I will post pictures soon!

The hotel Travaasa in Hana, Maui is awesome!  Stayed in a Sea Ranch Cottage with our own private outdoor hot tub.  Went canoeing in an outrigger canoe on Hana Bay and found sea glass along the rocks.

After Hana, we went to the other side Kaanapali and Lahaina. Searchef lots of beaches, but no luck until I went into Lahaina.  There are some rocky areas that you can beachcomb along the main street. At first, no luck. But then we walked to another area and found some great pieces, including a beautiful red and white frosted marble.  More about that soon!