Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sea Glass Colors

I just realized that I haven't really written about sea glass colors, and they are so important!  (If you ever get a chance to read Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte, check it out.)  He describes in detail where the various colors come from.  Most of us beachcombers know that orange, red, yellow are very rare colors, but did you know that black, teal, turquoise, and gray are also very rare?

Both cornflower blue and cobalt blue are considered rare, as well as aqua.  I know I have found only a few pieces of blue, in Ohio (Lake Erie) and in Greece. 

Various shades of green are found every once in a while, and the Kelly green, brown and clear white are fairly common.  Amber shades are less common.

Of course, at this point, any sea glass find is lucky! With all the use of plastics, recycling, etc., in addition to all of us beachcombing, it is not always easy to find gem quality sea glass.

The combination of a beautiful color from a special place in the world set into unique jewelry is what Lucky Sea Glass is all about!

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