Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creativity and Learning

Horse head pendant

Flower pin

Sparkly Spider Pin
I know this sounds like a serious topic, but I've been thinking how my designs have changed over the past few years as I have improved my wire wrapping and jewelry design skills.  Now, I can put into form what I imagine.  But where does the imagination come from?  It is a mystery to me!  Sometimes, of course, the actual sea glass piece lends itself to a design, such as the polar bear bracelet or horse pendant that I created.  Other times, I just kind of go with the flow of the wire to create my wire twist designs.  It's not like I sit down and plan each detail ahead of time, but I know that many artists do that, with sketches, etc. Here's some pictures to show what I mean.  Any thoughts?  By the way, I love to hear ideas from my custom buyers, as often they have a vision of their own!  Salvador Dali once wrote (to paraphrase) that jewelry is not about the materials as much as the workmanship.  Of course, he had some very unusual jewelry designs.

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