Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silver or gold?

Are you a silver or a gold person?  My customers seems to have definite preferences.  Here is a little information about silver and gold.  When plated, there is a thin layer of silver or gold over a metal like copper.  This layer can wear away, and then the base metal under it will become visible. In contrast, gold filled or silver filled items mean that the silver or gold is chemically bonded to the base metal.  The gold finish lasts a very long time and does not lose its shine.  I prefer to use gold filled wire in my designs.  For my silver designs, I usually use sterling silver, rather than silver plated or silver filled wire.

Sterling silver does tarnish, but it can be easily restored with a polishing cloth or a liquid jewelry cleaner.  That's what I use. 

Hope this helps clarify things a little.  Of course, 14K or 18K gold doesn't tarnish or wear away, but is a great deal more expensive than 14K gold filled wire. 

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