Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just back from Amelia Island and St. Augustine, Fl

September in Florida is alway chancey -- this was my first time in northern Florida, and it was rainy and humid every day.   But, that didn't stop us! We toured Amelia Island's historic Fernandina Beach, photographed the old Victorians, and even stopped in the SanJon gallery (which is now carrying my sea glass jewelry).  I found out about an area to beachcomb, and fortunately found a number of great sea glass pieces.  I will attach a picture or two here. 

In St. Augustine we saw the old town, stayed at a bed and breakfast that had a martini bar! Henry Flagler's hotels are now a hotel, a museum, and a college dorm! What a way to go to college.  If you don't know about Henry Flagler -- he was an entrepreneur who conceived the idea to develop Florida, and tried to build a rail line from NY to Cuba!
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  1. where to search for seaglass? We are visiting St Augustine in July

    1. Do stop in to the Amelia San Jon Gallery in Fernandina Beach. The owner told me where to look for sea glass, but swore me to secrecy. The gallery shows my Lucky Sea Glass designs. Good luck!


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