Sunday, June 22, 2014

How I Create Sea Glass Turtles

I finally finished the turtles!  Here are some pictures of the process for the suncatcher/ornament.

Added sea glass (after drilling)
Made an aluminum frame, added a shell and crystals

More sea glass and tweaking the design!

Shell for head, coral mouth, and more sea glass!
Here he is!

Little sea glsss turtle with copper pearl head 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sea Turtles and Sea Glass

It has been a rather slow, frustrating recovery from the neck spine surgery almost four weeks ago, but I am making steady progress.  As I have been resting, I have been thinking a lot, and am now inspired by the intrepid, persevering little sea turtles that hatch on the beach and arduously make their way to the the sea.  It was an amazing, lucky sight for me to witness the sea turtles hatching on a beach in Puerto Rico a few years ago, that I will never forget.   Anyway,  as I make my own "journey to the sea" (i.e. recovery) I am inspired to create some sea glass turtles!  I have already made a sea glass turtle sun catcher this week, and will soon post pictures of the whole artistic process for you!  Must go now, and rest!