Monday, February 27, 2012

Where to find seaglass

Greek Seaglass Finds
Okay, I've already wrote about how to find seaglass, so now here's where to look!  In my travels, I have often searched beaches to no avail -- particularly some in Florida along both the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and some places in Hawaii, believe it or not!  However, here I will list some great places.

First of all, the beaches that are known among seaglass collectors -- such as Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California  (Check out Glass Beach: a seaglass lover's Paradise  by Lisa D. Walker, and look for the Lucky Sea Glass pendant pictured in the book!)  and also Glass Beach in Kauai (the locals are pretty secretive about this).

In Europe, I found a lot of great quality seaglass among the Greek Islands, like Patmos, Mykonos, Amorgos, and Santorini.  You have to be persistent and willing to walk along the beaches near the ports.

Also, near Gibraltar in Spain, I found seaglass at a nearby beach.  I loved finding seaglass near Salvador Dali's casa in Port Llegat, Spain but don't let the fishermen intimidate.

In Russia, I found some seaglass as we disembarked from the hydrofoil from St. Petersburg to visit Catherine's Palace.  And, in Romania, a walk along the Black Sea resulted in a few precious finds.

Whew!  Is that enough for today.,  I will continue soon.  Meanwhile check out my website page which lists a page of where to find seaglass.

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  1. can you tell me where near Gibralter, I will be there tomorrow on a cruise ship??
    Thank You, would you be kind enought to reply to my other email address

    I would appreciate your input, I have limited time here and cannot find a beach


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