Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where does seaglass come from?

Today, I want to offer you some information about the origins of seaglass.  I was just talking with friends about some seaglass I found in Antarctica, near an old, abandoned whaling It probably came from currents from Asia, maybe Japan or maybe from glass debris from the whalers.  Some seaglass origins remain mysterious and unknown.  Others are pretty obvious, like old bottles -  whisky, beer, coca cola, fresca, etc.  The rarer the color, like red or orange, it is easier to guess its provenance.  Most orange, for example, comes from art glass like vases, whereas whites can come from windows, bottles, dinner ware.  If you want to learn more about the origins of seaglass, I would suggest you research old bottles.  A wonderful resource that I use is an identification deck of cards published by Sea Glass publishing. com   A friend of mine bought it for me as a gift, but you surely can order it on line.  Also, it has pictures of the various colors of seaglass.  Remember though, that pure seaglass is tumbled by the seas, not by a machine, not manufactured, not "seeded" in an ocean, and is smooth and soft in texture, not sharp. 

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