Monday, June 11, 2012

More Places to Search for Seaglass

Summer time and it is time to enjoy the beach!  Why not take a walk, and look for seaglass while you do?  Check my previous posts for good seaglass beaches in Hawaii, California, Spain, Russia, Greece and Romania.  Today, I will just mention some more.
Of course, the beaches I described in my Bermuda posts are really good -- at both ends of the islanda -- near Alexandra armory on the east end and at glass beach on the west end.  Check my Bermuda posts for details.

Then there is Lake Erie!  I have found great seaglass along the shoreline in Ohio, both east and west of Cleveland.  Better on the west side.  People say that near Buffalo, there are good lake Erie beaches too. 

In Puerto Rico, I have found seaglass near Rincon.  We stayed at a Hilton there, and if you walk along their beach, there is a lot of seaglasss -- mostly white or brown.

I recently received a comment from someone in Canada, who says that there is seaglass on Prince Edward Island.  Hmmm... sounds like a good place to go for a vacation!

Seaglass beach in Bermuda
Please let me know if you find seaglass elsewhere, and I can share it here.  Thanks.

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