Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sea Glass - Real or Fake Continued

It is so important to buy sea glass jewelry from artists you can trust.  There are many vendors who sell manufactured or machine tumbled glass as "sea glass".  Some even take their glass pieces down to an ocean or river so they can claim it has been tumbled by the sea! Nobody can really stop these fakers.  Genuine sea glass looks different, feels different, and, of course, has a unique and special history.

Check out my previous posts for more information about sea glass.  The main reference book, Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte, also provides detailed information about it.  Members of the North American Sea Glass Association try to inform the public about sea glass.  But, for now at least, sea glass is not regulated.

Lucky Sea Glass only uses genuine, pure sea glass found in oceans, lakes and rivers around the world!  I guarantee it.  99% I have found myself!  The rest, from trusted friends who have found a few pieces for me as they travel.


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