Monday, September 10, 2012

Reviews of Lucky Sea Glass

Here are some recent reviews from my customers, in case you are considering a purchase of Lucky Sea Glass designs.  I don't always get to see reviews because many items are sold in shops -- but these are from customers I helped myself.

Recommendation from Della Z. Aug. 2012:

Received the necklace this afternoon. LOVE IT! Thank you again for holding it for me. And thank you for the beautifully designed piece. The way you have bent the wire to make it hang down from the chain, well - it makes it feel like I am wearing a piece of art.   I will definitely visit your web page again and find more pieces that I just have to have!

Recommendation from Roselle F.:

Lucky Sea Glass has made 4 pieces of jewelry for me and 3 for my adult daughter. The last 2 pieces were custom to fit as well as design. I have been delighted with materials, workmanship, and creative design. The sea glass which is obtained through world wide travel is deep in color, interesting in shape and good in size. Other materials such as crystals and pearls are of a very fine quality. Each stone seams to be hand picked. I will continue to purchase from Lucky Sea Glass.
Recommendation by Karen M.:
  • Jean is a true artist with sea glass. She collects the sea glass all over the world and then makes the most fantastic pieces - necklaces, rings, bracelets, pins. They are a joy to own and wear! I am one of Jean's first customers and I love every piece that I have! Everyone should have some Lucky Sea Glass!

Recommendation by Mary B:

I am a jewelry fanatic and as such go to a lot of art fairs etc. I must say Lucky Sea Glass has some of the most unique and beautiful pieces I have seen and very reasonably priced. I also like the fact that the sea glass she uses in her pieces often have a story behind them. Also, Jean (the owner and designer) is a delightful person and she really has a passion for her work.

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