Monday, September 17, 2012

Where to find seaglass

As you probably know, I look for sea glass wherever I travel! Even when there is no ocean or river.  But, I thought I'd list the places I have actually found sea glass -- and if you want more information, just check out my website, too.

Bermuda   (Glass Beach, and near the Armory past St.George's)
California (Ft.Bragg), also along the coast, south of San Francisco, Lake Tahoe
Hawaii  (Maui, Kauai - Glass Beach), Hawaii (North Shore)
Spain -  near Gibraltar
Greece - numerous islands
Puerto Rico
Ohio   Lake Erie
Florida -- near Amelia Island
Massachusetts -- only one piece, Cape Cod
Antarctica  -  at an abandoned whaling station\
Romania  -- Black Sea
Argentina -- Tierra del Fuego
Italy -- Lake Como
Virginia -- Potomac River

No luck in China -- unless you count my monastery glass from Tibet.
I haven't looked in England and Ireland -- but I hear they have great seaglass
Also, along the Dalmatian Coast...   I still have a lot of seaglassin' to do!  Please share if you know of a great seaglass beach.

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