Saturday, September 15, 2012

How I Create Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry

Thank you all for visiting -- approaching 10,000 views!  I thought today I would tell you about the process I go through when creating Lucky Sea Glass jewelry.  It is a labor of love, of course, but also time consuming, costly, demanding, even exhausting at times.

First of all, I have to get to a beach!  Usually, that means a plane trip and a car ride.  Then, once at a seashore, I may walk along the beach for hours over a period of several days.  In Bermuda, I was lucky to find a glass beach, but first had to walk for almost an hour to find it!  Sometimes, I find a few good, tumbled pieces, but other times I find nothing at all. 

When I get home from my trip, I sort through the labelled pastic baggies, and organize the seaglass by place found and color and size.  Rough pieces are discarded.  This sometimes takes a while, especially if I have found a lot of seaglass.

Once I am ready to create a piece of jewelry, say a pendant, I carefully select a sea glass piece that "speaks" to me,  Then I decide on silver, gold or copper wire for wrapping. I usually either order the wire online or at a jewelry show. As I wire work, I experiment with various crystals or gemstones to see what seems to look best.  This can take a while of trial and error, before I commit.  For , bracelets, or earrings certain pieces work best together, so I take a lot of time matching and planning.

I love the freedom of creating unique designs, so I rarely repeat a design unless it is really popular, like my spider pins. ( But, each time, the sea glass is unique and the design is changed somewhat.)  If you see a sold design you like on my website, I can make something similar, but not the exact one.  Each unsold design pictured is the one you will receive.  I create the designs myself, and am very lucky to have no problem with this at all!  It is hard to explain the creative process -- it is almost magical how it happens. 


I will respond to questions about where to search for seaglass, travel sites, places to visit, restaurants, hotels, etc. as well as about Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry!