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Sea Glass Souvenirs

I wrote this article a while ago, but thought you might like to read it. 


Sea Glass Souvenirs

( Lucky Sea GlassTM )
Greek sea glass
Greek sea glass "heart" with sterling silver
During my travels throughout the world, I have found sea glass that I make into jewelry when I return home. These are the best souvenirs!

I have found sea glass in Antarctica, Greece, Hawaii, California, and even Russia (near St. Petersburg) and Romania (Baltic Sea).

It is great to have a special souvenir from a trip.

Sometimes, when I travel on a cruise, my fellow travelers ask me to make a pendant or earrings for them with the sea glass I have found during our trip.

Also, since I have an international sea glass collection, people can request items from many specific geographic areas even if they have not traveled with me.

Travel, sea glass and jewelry go together well.

amber sea glass pendant by Jean Forman
Amber sea glass (Mykonos Island, Greece)
with sterling silver.

Lucky Sea GlassTM

Comments for
Sea Glass Souvenirs

Beautiful sea glass pendants
by: Rena

Your free-form wirework is just lovely on these gifts from the sea.

These treasures are fabulous souvenirs for you and your fellow travelers!

I love your ideas for creating custom jewelry from sea glass found in specific parts of the world. The romance of that surely makes your customers happy!

Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your artistry and your travels.

oooh pretty!
by: Patricia C Vener

Your work is lovely. I wish sea glass came is reds and pinks and purples, though. I guess it would then be sun glass, eh?


sea glass
by: Kate

These are very pretty. The heart shape was a lucky find. Do you prchase sea glass or find it on the beach?

Beachcombed only!
by: Jean of Lucky Sea Glass

All the sea glass jewelry I make is with sea glass that I have personally found on beaches throughout the world (except for a few custom pieces which have been found by my customers!). The seaglass is authentic, unenhanced, and unaltered, except for wire wrapping or hand drilling on some pieces. Colors include red, blue, aqua, amber, white, and green.

Sea Glass Jewelry
by: Mermaid's Purse

Isn't fun to have sea glass from your travels? There are beautiful collectibles that will last a life time.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

Sea Glass
by: bodciously beaded

I use a lot of Sea Glass. Mine actually comes from a bay and a gentleman told me that there is a diffence in the stippling, one is a little milkier than the other. I even use the bottoms of bottles for collage pins and they turn out wonderfully. Bigger pieces work just as well as small ones. I have so much fun finding my glass.

Beautiful Sea Glass
by: Millie.GotRocks

Not long ago on the History Channel I watched the show Treasure Hunters. There was an entire section on sea glass and it is very valuable, especially the red. I love treasure \o/

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