Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ever hear of seaglass marble bottles?

Sea glass collectors always talk about finding marbles on the beach, but until recently, I was not sure what it meant.  Aren't marbles what children used to play with?  I just didn't get it.  Well, now I have learned about marble bottles, that were in use in the 19th century or maybe earlier.  There was a marble inside the bottle that would rise when the bottle was full of liquid, so it became a stopper.  There is an indentation in the bottle, where the marble would go, when you drank from it or poured from it.

Anyway, when the bottles were tossed into the ocean, often the marbles would escape from them somehow.  When you find a marble on a beach, it may very well come from a marble bottle! In Bermuda, marbles are sometimes found along the beaches there.   Good luck in your search.  I will post a picture of a marble I found soon.  Does anyone have any more info about seaglass marbles?  Please comment if you do!

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