Friday, April 26, 2013

Part III Sea Glass From Around the World- Russia, Uruguay, and Easter Island

I was going through my collection of sea glass the other day, and found a box of amazing finds from Uruguay.  We went there for a day trip from Buenos Aires.  There are lovely old buildings in the Portuguese style.  I found some interesting tiles and a marble at the harbor, stuck them in a baggie, and kind of forgot about them after I stored them.  Now
Tiles and Sea Glass From Rio Plata, Uruguay  (Colonia)
 I think I will create something with them. 

I also found my tiny collection of  sea glass I found on the shores near St. Petersburg, when we visited Catherine's Palace.  I have used some of the glass I found there already in jewelry, but here are a few more.
Sea Glass From Russia
Lastly, I have a few pieces of sea glass I found near a series of Moai on Easter Island.  Those are the giant statues that face out to the ocean.  I know they are not well tumbled, but still, they are somewhat tumbled by the tides.  Take a look!  There's also a brown tile.
Sea Glass From Easter Island


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