Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can You Have Too Much Jewelry?

Here I am, a jewelry designer, collector, and wearer and buyer.  I love that I have collected sea glass and jewelry around the world -- they are the best souvenirs!  Every day I wear at least one piece of Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry  ( for good luck!) but also I have other jewelry that is special to me.

 Have you a piece that you received from a dear friend, your mother, your husband or boyfriend?  Maybe it commemorates a special day in your life, a trip, an anniversary or birthday.   As Mother's Day, graduation and other events approach, think about giving jewelry to that someone special.  They will enjoy it for many, many years.

Recently, I gave a pair of Lucky Sea Glass earrings to a friend who turned 70 this year.  She was so thrilled with them it inspired me to create more!!  The gift gave back to me -- and so will yours.  Until April 30, you can use the special code to receive a discount on items at

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