Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drilling Sea Glass!

I bought a new Dremel drill the other day, brought it home, and it wasn't working.  I couldn't remove the collet nut -- which is basic to inserting a drill bit.  After reading the manual, calling Dremel  (who said it was a defective product), I returned it to the store.  I should have been suspicious since the carton had been opened.

Anyway, I bought another Dremel, and this one is working great.  Fortunately, I bought a set of collets, since it didn't come with them.  Now I am excited to create some new pieces with drilled sea glass.  Here's a couple I did yesterday when I was experimenting with my new drill.

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  1. Just got a dremmel as well. With the diamond drill bits (2.5mm, 1.5mm, 1.0mm) I had read that a slow speed drill would be best. The slowest speed on the dremmell is 5000rpm. It does work very well though, particularly with the dremmel workstation/drill press. No need to go in at 45 degrees, the press is quite precise. Drill in a bath of water with the glass secured to a block of wood by elastic bands.


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