Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You A Sea Glass Collector?

I first wrote about collecting about a year ago, but it still fascinates me.  Of course, people collect all kinds of things -- stamps, coins, penguins, dolls, cars, SEA GLASS! Today, I thought I'd repost my article for those of you who may have missed it.... ...
I've been meaning to write about the psychology of collecting!  Have any of you guessed that my first career (before sea glass jewelry designing) was as a psychologist?  I worked as a licensed psychologist for over 30 years  (some of that did overlap with sea glass collecting!).

Anyway, why do people collect, accumulate, hoard?  There are so many reasons, and each person may have his or her own.  But, I do think that sea glass collectors love the beauty of the glass, the mystery of where it came from, the challenge of finding it along the shoreline, and the hope that they will find that elusive red, orange, or turquoise colored gem!  People who buy sea glass jewelry enjoy the final product, and, based on my repeat customers, don't get tired of adding to their collection either.

Since sea glass is ecological -- in a way, we are cleaning the world's beaches! Also, collecting it is somewhat addictive, for all the reasons I noted above.  There is always one more beach, one more piece of sea glass to find.  I hope you all enjoy the hunt -- and if you would like a custom made piece of jewelry with your very own find, please contact me.

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