Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have learned so much being a sea glass collector and sea glass jewelry artist.  Recently, I read an article about how talent is only one part of a successful business.  It also takes perseverance,  hard work, and luck.  Many people who are talented artists are not successful, whereas others who may not be as talented, are very successful in their business.

 Personally, I have found that my skills are improving as I create more innovative and interesting designs, but along the way I have learned how to create a spreadsheet, market my designs, write a blog, develop a website, have a facebook page --  while still enjoying my sea glass passion.  I think success isn't only measured financially. I love it when people are happy wearing my creations!

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  1. Hi LuckySeaGlass,

    I am so glad that we get better as we create more and more pieces. I have about a dozen pieces I made very early on that I have re-wired, and I'm much happier with them.

    However, I do wish it was all fun and games, but as you mention, there is a business side that must be tended too also.


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