Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fake Vs. Real Seaglass Revisited

I hope this is the final installment on this series.  But, I just had to share this description I came across on a very successful website.  The artists who create the "seaglass" actually have called it seaglass.  They never say it is genuine, but a buyer would easily be fooled into thinking it is. Here it is..verbatim,  (quotes are mine)

"Remember the thrill when you found a piece of seaglass on the beach, where it has been tumbled smooth by the rolling waves. The years of wind, waves and sand turned that broken shard into a frosted touchable gem. Our hand-crafted Seaglass jewelry blends ordinary recycling bin and vintage antique glass and mimics nature's process to create a unique environmental aesthetic. Each piece uses the extraordinary qualities inherent in the glass source to enhance the design, creating styles that are individual and distinctive. These creations satisfy today's consumers desire for beauty and the urge to help the environment."

The words  that you might note are Seaglass,  recycling bin, hand-crafted, and mimics.   This is not genuine seaglass that has been beachcombed and tumbled by the sea. Please be aware of what you are buying!

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