Sunday, January 6, 2013

More About Crocheting Wire

14K gold filled wire crochet with natural turquoise by Lucky Sea Glass
I ran into a snag yesterday, posting the pictures, but hopefully today will be better.  Anyhow, I promised to share how to crochet with wire.  It is a little tricky, and you should, of course, already know how to crochet with yarn.  I have crocheted and knitted for years myself.  I am updating this post so I can add a picture of crocheted earrings. 

First, you need very thin, steel crochet hooks. I have a set of Boye hooks, that are 5/1.90MM and 10/1.30MM.  I crochet sterling silver and 14K gold filled wire but that can be very expensive, as even the smallest pendant make take two or three feet of wire.  The gauge should be 26 or even 28.

sterling silver crochet pendant with seaglass, pearls, coral, and onyx
To get started, make your loop, do a single or double crochet, and make a chain.  I have experimented with hoops for earrings and for bezels.  You can be creative -- mistakes really don't show.   There are pictures of earrings I have crocheted on the website.  I can't seem to find them in my picture files to post here.  Here's another pendant picture.

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