Monday, January 14, 2013

Bermuda beauties

Amber seaglass with pearl and silver
 Here are a couple of new Bermuda beauties.  They are on my website.  Bermuda has such beautiful sea glass.  I hope when I go to Puerto Rico  I will find some more there!  That's the next trip.
White seaglass with chalcedony drop, gold filled chain


  1. My husband & I were lucky enough to find the 'secret' seaglass beach on our visit to Bermuda a couple of years a go - a journey unto itself... to say the least - but DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! We even had the honor of making a concrete stepping stone of seaglass on the beach of a local's patio 'VELTE'!
    If anyone ever stumbles upon it, would LOVE to see a photo to see how it is standing up to the test of time...
    YOUR SITE IS WONDERFUL, so glad I found it 8-)!!

    1. Thanks. Bermuda was so beautiful, and the sea glass is great. I post fairly often, and thanks for following this blog!


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