Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gobi Desert Glass (Mongolia)

Sterling Silver Wire Wrap, Gobi Desert Glass
by Lucky Sea Glass
When we traveled to the Gobi desert in Mongolia, we stayed at the Three Camel Lodge out in the desert, in a ger.  This is a structure like a teepee or igloo, but made of canvas.  I never saw such amazing weather and sunsets.  Storms would roll in the distance, with lightning strikes from purple clouds.  Anyway, while I was there, I hiked to where there are petroglyphs and old burial mounds, and I found a very few pieces of "desert glass".   I figured the storms and floods tumble the glass, just like the oceans do.  Here is one of my Gobi desert designs.  (I only have one other piece to work with, so believe me, this is rare!).

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