Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old post on this newer blog! Easter Island

Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, and Iguassu Falls

My trip to South America was amazing. We visited the Moai (large stone heads carved hundreds of years ago by natives) on Easter Island and the windy slopes of Patagonia in Chile. Then we were off to the Lake District called Little Switzerland near Bariloche, Argentina. Up to Iguassu Falls and then back to Buenos Aires. We even took a day trip to Colonia, Uruguay cruising across La Plata river from Buenos Aires. I will add some pictures soon, but am just starting this blog, so give me time. Sea glass travels, yes. I found some sea glass on Easter Island! It is a volcanic island, so the glass is pulverized before hitting shore, but I did find some pieces near a large collection of Moai. Then, down near Bariloche, I found some river glass, and at Colonia, Uruguay there were shards of pottery and river glass on the shore of the river. I can hardly wait to create some beautiful new jewelry with my finds! Check out my website

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