Thursday, July 18, 2013

More on Drilling Sea Glass

I thought I'd add a little more information to my posts on drilling.  You can access my previous posts on this subject on this blog--just look for the label  Drilling Sea Glass.    I recently ordered diamond bits from Amazon and they are really a great deal.  I got sixty for about thirty dollars, free shipping.  And, so far so good.  So much better than the dull ones I had!

Of course, I still love the look of wire wrapping, but drilling does offer some other design possibilities.  I have learned a technique that might work for you --  When you start drilling, go at the piece at a 45 degree angle until you feel an indentation has been made  (just a few seconds).  Then hold the drill upright and keep drilling.  You have to drill for only a few seconds at a time, so you can clean out the glass and give the drill a rest.  It generates a lot of heat.

Remember, Patience will be rewarded.  Practice on pieces you really don't care about if they break.  I've lost a few myself.


  1. I've been drilling sea glass for years, and I have found a system that avoids over-heating and eliminates the need to "rest." I use a small wooden salad bowl with about 1/2 inch of cold water in it. I stick a piece of plasticine in the bottom to hold the piece of glass and drill it under the water. I've found this to be the safest and quickest way to do it.

    1. Thank you Alison. That sounds like an easy and efficient way to drill. Where do you get the plasticine?


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