Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Good Luck Story for Lucky Sea Glass

Here's one more lucky story -- there are more on my website.   When we were in Wisconsin last month,  I searched along the west coast of Lake Michigan for sea glass and hardly found any.  That was not lucky.   But, when we were in Door County, which is called the Cape Cod of Wisconsin -- there are lots of little towns with shops, lighthouses, beaches, etc, , we stopped in Kim's Boutique.   This is a very nice shop that has a variety of clothing, jewelry, and other items for women and men.  And, I did find something to purchase there. 

While I was buying, the owner complimented me on my sea glass necklace.  Then she said she would be interested in purchasing some Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry from me for her shop!  Well, when we got home to Virginia, and after a few emails, phone calls, etc., the deal was done.  Now, Lucky Sea Glass is in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin at Kim's Boutique.  Isn't that a lucky story???


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