Friday, December 14, 2012

Seaglass on Kauai

Well, I have searched for seaglass on Kauai.  Of course, I went to glass beach near Port Allen,  beaches along the North Shore near Hanalei, and others.  I'd heard that the glass beach was becoming depleted, and that was true, compared to three or four years ago.  I found a fair number of pieces though by carefully walking the beach several times as the tide went out.  Best places were near the cliffs and rocks.  Later I heard that if you walk past the Chinese cemetery and go down to the beaches, there is good glass there.  I didn't do that, though, so don't know first hand.

One of the best finds in this search of Kauai wasn't the seaglass!  I will post a picture soon of a dachsund on a surfboard -- it was at 'Anini beach near Hanalei.  I love my Nikon CoolPix that can zoom in!  Aloha.

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