Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photographing Jewelry Suggestions For You

Yesterday, I was just sharing what I was doing, but since so many are interested in this topic, I thought I'd write a little more about my trials and errors with photographing Lucky Sea Glass designs.  Of course, it helps to have a camera you are comfortable with and that has some settings you can adjust.  For example, I have found that the automatic setting on my camera is useless when I photograph jewelry.  I usually adjust the shutter speed, through trial and error, until I get the right one in the particular light.
Often, I do have to make some adjustments on my computer when the photograph seems too dark (usually the case).  Also, if I can add more contrast and deepen the background (when it is black), the jewelry stands out more.

Of course, I use a closeup setting.  Also, I like to play around with angles.  One more thing, I have found that photographing indoors, when the sun is out, near a window with diffuse light, the colors come out truest. 

I have a "light box" that is basically a screened area so that filtered light can come through it. I have two lights and a small tripod.  This whole kit came together, and was a gift from my husband, who saw my struggles.  But you can probably find a similar kit at a camera store or one of the online retailers from NY.   This  light box is good to use on dreary, dark days particularly. 

I hope this gives you some more info, but remember, I am still learning!!

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