Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photographing Jewelry = Part III

The more I photograph my seaglass jewelry, the more I learn.  First of all, it is important not to have too many distracting elements in the picture, but still make it interesting.  I often add shells or seaglass to my pictures, but sometimes just have the seaglass jewelry itself.  Backgrounds of white or dark blue seem to work, but I often experiment to see which background color works best with the particular piece.  Also,
I have found that the lighting is key -- the light box helps, but if you can get diffuse light near a window (not direct sunlight), it should work out fine.  My last resort is to use the computer to adjust the exposure, crop the picture, or even to erase shadows.  Hope this helps.


I will respond to questions about where to search for seaglass, travel sites, places to visit, restaurants, hotels, etc. as well as about Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry!