Monday, July 2, 2012

Creating Sea Glass Earrings

I am still dealing with the storm damage, but nothing relaxes me like my sea glass designs, blog, website, etc. so here goes..

I just realized that I haven't really put many pictures of my sea glass earrings on this blog for all to see.  When I create the earrings, the most important first step is to find matching sea glass pieces from the same location!  Once that is done, I can proceed to decide upon silver or gold, gemstone or pearls, dangly or not, etc.  After the first one is made, I carefully measure so that the pair matches well.  The ones I have pictured here are on my website.

green seaglass with sterling silver

white seaglass with corals and tourmaline beads

amber seaglass with black onyx, gold filled wire
My personal favorites are my dangly "emeralds".  I wear them a lot!     


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    1. Hi Diane,
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      Lucky Sea Glass


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