Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicago. - Picasso and Tiffany Stained Glass

Chicago is cold this time of year and gray and dreary, but guess what - we saw some amazingly beautiful, colorful Tiffany stained glass lamps and fixtures here yesterday at the Driehaus Museum.  It really is a renovated 1880's mansion.  Tiffany  created floral, peacock, and other designs with shades of stained glass..It makes me wonder what more can be done with sea glass!

Also here is an interesting Picasso exhibit at the Art Institute although it is mostly  drawings and etchings in black and white.  Picasso developed so many different styles that he is so fascinating to study. An artist can try extremely diverse techniques and succeed in different ways.  Some pieces are classic, cubist, surreal, mythological, etc. Each style represents a developing vision.  I think Picasso's art is amazing.

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