Monday, February 4, 2013

More About Artificial, Man-made " Sea Glass"

I've been thinking about opening a shop on Etsy, so today I did some browsing.  I found a very popular "Sea Glass" shop -- over 400 items and lots of customers.  But, I started to wonder why there were so many rare colors, low prices on some items (not all -- a mirror sells for over $1000), so I read the details.  Here is what it says

" My sea glass is actually man made recycled glass, not genuine sea glass. While I LOVE genuine sea glass, I use far too much of it to use the real thing-- my items would be incredibly expensive with it!! But, having said that, I get a lot of customers who say they prefer the brighter colors and bigger assortment I can offer with man made recycled glass."

So, here is another example of how customers can be mislead.  The items are sold as sea glass.  If you want genuine, beachcombed sea glass, please check out my website.  I am still not sure about Etsy!

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