Monday, March 5, 2012

Fake or Real Seaglass -- Part II

 I told you yesterday that there is fake, manmade, "artistic", simulated seaglass out there often being sold as authentic, ocean tossed, tumbled seaglass.  Well, today is part II.  Sometimes, people actually take their broken bits of glass which have been machine tumbled, and then put them in mesh bags and leave them near a secret shoreline so that, really, the ocean does tumble them a bit.  Authentic seaglass, however, is a gift of Mother Nature, tossed over years (sometimes a hundred!) so that it gains a frosty, smooth patina unlike the machine tumbled glass you see. 

It is hard, sometimes, to see the difference, I admit, but once you know the shapes of authentic sea glass  (often triangular, heart shaped pieces, but not always), the patina,  frostiness, rareness of some colors, you are well on your way to discriminating between fake and real when you buy sea glass jewelry.
Tomorrow I will give you some books and articles about seaglass to increase your knowledge, if you like!

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