Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fake or real? Seaglass ethics

One of the most controversial issues in the seaglass collectors and artists community is that of all the fake,
"created",  "artistic", "manmade" , counterfeit seaglass that is out there being sold as genuine, tumbled by the sea, natural.  The buyer of seaglass jewelry can find a wide range a prices and colors -- but often the rarest colors like orange and red are not authentic seaglass.  In four years of scouring the world's beached, I have found only a very few pieces of red and no orange!  Cobalt blue is also considered to be a rare find. 

If you just want a seaglass "look", but don't care if it is real, beachcombed seaglass, then that is up to you.  But, know what you are buying!  All of Lucky Sea Glass jewelry is made with personally beachcombed sea glass from around the world!     Good luck to you!

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