Friday, January 3, 2014

The Joys of Sea Glass and Art

Recently, I was talking with a dear friend who is a terrific sculptor, in many galleries and shows, about creating art.  She understands the joy of creating an object from raw material, into something that is unique and special.  Also, the pleasure of seeing someone want to buy the piece she has created.  But, she also noted that, unlike her, I have been creating sea glass jewelry for only about eight years now, since I retired as a psychologist.  Who would have thought I would have another whole career and passion?  I feel so lucky to have found this gift of designing and creating jewelry with sea glass I have beachcombed around the world!  I am grateful to all my fans and customers and look forward to creating new designs, seeing new places, and finding more genuine sea glass around the world this year!  Already, have plans to go to South America and Africa!!

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