Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Buying and Selling Online

Lately, I have been doing a lot of online window shopping --everyday there are sales and discount offers in my inbox.  Occasionally, I actually purchase an item or two.  Now I have come to realize some issues that may determine why or whether a customer will purchase an item -- and maybe it will help to understand why my Lucky Sea Glass sales are so much better when people actually can see the items in person!

First of all, when you are shopping on the web, you are going by a picture and a description--but you can't really see everything and be sure of the fit (if it is clothing).
So, a built in hesitation is there -- unless you feel confident about the item as pictured.

Secondly, if the price seems really good or the sale is limited or there are few of the items, you may decide to buy it because it is worth the chance that you may not be happy with it.  That is, if it is returnable.  Sometimes, though, items are Final Sale, and then you have to consider whether it is worth the risk.

Thirdly, I like that some sales include shipping.  If there is a minimum order necessary for free shipping, I usually don't mind as it is not usually unreasonable. 

Fourth -- I rarely return items that I have purchased online, but I do like to know I can if I have to.  My worst experience, thankfully, allowed me to return a pair of earrings that turned out to be just awful, and a lot of money, for a store credit.   Believe me, I was very grateful for that -- and wound up with a pair of earrings I love.

All of the above is to hopefully make you feel more secure about buying Lucky Sea Glass online.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have before you purchase, and after, and you can return an item for a store credit, if you are unhappy with it if you notify me within two weeks of receipt of it.  (less any shipping charges). 

I sincerely hope this is helpful to you.  Good Luck! 


  1. I am personally fed up of amazon and ebay, as a seller and a buyer , i feel neglected .

    I personally have started using , Bivver online auctions .
    Prices are cheaper , and i have sold a few things as well .


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