Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thanks for the Good Luck!

Two new possibilities came up this past week, and I don't know what will happen.  One occurred when I was in Wisconsin.  I bought  an item at a boutique, and while I was paying, the owner noticed my sea glass pendant, and complimented me when I told her I made it.  She then asked me if I sell any, and she gave me her card and asked for mine.  So, I am hoping that Lucky Sea Glass may soon be sold in Wisconsin!

The second thing is that I have been contacted by Coastal Living magazine for an article they are doing on sea glass.  Unfortunately, I was away when they emailed and called, so I just saw the messages when I got back.  I am hoping it is not too late for Lucky Sea Glass to be in their article!

This is why I am asking you blog followers and readers to wish me luck!  So these possibilities work out.  Thanks, and I will let you know what happens.:)

I just found out yesterday that I was too late for the Coastal Living photo shoot!  I am so disappointed.   Hopefully, something good will happen soon. 

Good luck today.  Received an order for five designs from that shop!

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