Thursday, October 23, 2014

Heart in Sea Glass

I decided to try and drill a heart into a piece of my Ft. Bragg, CA sea glass.  It was a challenge, but I am happy with the results and will try to make some more sea glass hearts!  What do you think?
I posted this on the Sea glass artists and collectors site and got lots of likes.  So, I just put it up for sale at my Storenvy site (15% off for facebook fans) for $60.  It has a sterling silver bail and is on a silver plated twisted link chain.  Only one of a kind - so if you want it, buy it now.  I am bringing it to my trunk show Nov. 9 and maybe to the Sea Glass Festival, Nov. 15!

Lucky Sea Glass Cutout Heart

Lucky Sea Glass Cutout Heart


  1. Wow, that's worked really well!

    1. Thanks. I love trying new techniques and designs.


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