Friday, April 11, 2014

Returning home from South America -- and some pictures for you!

Of course, I took hundreds of pictures during the six week journey in South America -- but I will just post a few here.  It is a challenge getting back home from such a long trip!  Where is everything?  The weather has changed from snow to blossoming trees!  The house next door has sold -- and it wasn't even on the market when we left.  Life goes on.  I will take pictures of the sea glass I found in  Peru, Chile, and Panama soon!!
Sea Lions at Chilean Island From a Zodiac

Natural arch we went through in zodiac

A Beautiful Inka Tern  (Inca to us)


I will respond to questions about where to search for seaglass, travel sites, places to visit, restaurants, hotels, etc. as well as about Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry!