Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Packing Challenges with Lucky Sea Glass

Isn't it hard to decide what to bring, what to leave behind when packing for a trip!  Of course, you have the essentials, but what is unpredictable often is the weather where you are going.  I try to plan for contingencies, like rain, bugs, heat, cold, etc.  That can fill up the bag, though.  I have found that layering works best -- so a short sleeved tee, a long sleeved shirt, a sweater,a pashmina and a light rain jacket usually work.  When we go to South America, we will journey from glaciers to rain forests, so it will be a challenge to pack!  Weight restrictions are also a factor, so while I don't throw fashion out the window, casual will be the norm.  And, of course, always have to wear some Lucky Sea Glass jewelry on my trips.


  1. Think practical in these situations, not fashion!

    1. That sounds like my husband! Come on, fashion counts, too. :

  2. Fashion counts for sure, but in such a case, it is not a priority, is it?


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