Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I Create Sea Glass Jewelry and Thanks

I have been creating jewelry with sea glass for about seven years, and I am still enjoying the artistic challenge.  In fact,  when I am away from my studio,  I really miss the creative "high" I get when I discover a new design!  Customers have asked me where do my design ideas come from, and I have to say Everywhere!  Whether it's a friend who loves angels or my daughter's pet dachsund or Alexander Calder's mobile,  I am inspired by it all.  Of course, the actual piece of sea glass adds its own demands and where it was found is very important to me. I am just thinking about this topic since I have been away from my studio and can hardly wait to get back to creating.:)

December's sales have been amazing and thanks to all.  Please keep in mind I can send items after Dec 19 and there will be an extra charge if you want expedited shipping.  Facebook fans always get 15% off if you buy from the Store on facebook and use the code that comes up.

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