Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Organizing! And, my next project!

I've been spending so much time updating my website and my inventory lists.  Hopefully, now if you go to the website and see something you want to buy, there will be a PayPal button for you!  PayPal takes you to a secure site where you can choose what credit card you want to use.  Also, if you go to the Storenvy site, you can use PayPal there as well, and Facebook Fans can get a discount code there.  I am trying to keep things up to date, but I still have pictures to take and upload!

My next project is to create a mobile.  I saw in a book about the Smithsonian museums a picture of a mobile by the artist/sculptor Alexander Calder that looks like it includes sea glass.  It is a wire fish mobile.  He created it in 1949!  

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