Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sea Glass Art

When I was at the recent sea glass festival, a couple of people stopped by my table and said they were painters (artists) .  After looking at my designs, they complimented them saying I was an artist, unlike some of the more commonly seen designs.

This got me to thinking-- what makes my work artistic?  Well, I walked around the festival and saw some beautful sea glass mosaic wall hangings and picture frames, but few interesting  ( artistic?) jewelry designs.  Most simply drilled a hole and placed a bail or made a simple wire wrap, on many pieces over and over.  So maybe art involves creating something new and different each time.  Even if an artist has a certain style of her own, she should always be creative, not robotic don't you think?

Ironically, the less expensive, less artistic pieces sold a lot faster than my designs. But,  I am not changing the way I create sea glass jewelry.  I know there are people out there who appreciate my art.  Thank you all!

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